In an effort to facilitate the payment procedure for your weed order, we don’t currently accept PayPal and Credit Card payments. Our current payment methods include: Bitcoins, Western Union, Money Gram, CashApp, Zelle and Ria.

Shipping duration varies greatly with location, weather and quantity ordered. On average, domestic delivery (USA & Canada) takes between 2-4 business days with a 24 hours order processing time. International deliveries take a maximum of 10 days. In extraordinary cases where there is a delay, we will always keep you updated.

Yes! We ship our products internationally. Whereever you are located across the globe, you can order from our site. We ship our products via priority mail and our flat rate for shipping is $50.

If you receive a package and realise it ain't what you ordered for or maybe the quality is below par you can launch a refund provided its still in the same state it arrived to you and it hasn't been used. You can simply fill a contact form on our site, stating your reasons if possible with pictures of the product and your email be responded to as early as possible. Refunds take between 10 to 20 days with us to return to you. So please we'll need you to be patient.

Yes we do! At Legal Canna Shop, we offer free shipping for products bought from $500 and above. Once your products in cart reach $500, during checkout at the spot where you will have to choose your shipping method you will have flat rate and free shipping. Select free shipping and continue, your total amount of money to be paid will be just what you are ordering.

<strong>NB: If your product in cart reaches $500 and during checkout you go on and select flat rate instead, you will be charged an additional $50 for shipping so take note!</strong>

Due to the recent influx of medical marijuana online dispensaries, we have been receiving this question on a regular basis. YES, we are a legit medical marijuana online dispensary, operating with worldwide mail order marijuana services.

Once your payment has been confirmed after a few hours your package will be registered for shipping. Once it has been registered the delivery agency will email your tracking number, you can also get that from our sales agent through text or whatsapp. Once you have the number, you can simply click on the link that will sent to you and input your tracking number where you have to and it will give you the delivery status of your package.

You don't neccessarily need an account to order any of our products. Simply browse through our products and "add to cart". Once you have added all the products you wish to order to cart. Checkout, choosing your preferred mode of payment and accurately filling your billing details. Once your order is placed it will be processed and our live chat agent will contact you few hours later with our payment ID to complete your payments.

Depending on the order quantity and your location, we take between 8 – 24 hours to process and package your cannabis order. A more accurate time-frame will be provided when you place an order.

Since our expansion to encompass shipping to over 103 countries, we have had a 96% success rate. Our high success rate is due to our cautious and discreet approach to all orders placed on our site. We ensure to use highly discreet and untraceable routes and payment methods for every marijuana order placed.

At Legal Canna Shop, we offer discreet modes of payment for your orders. We accept payments through; Bitcoins, CashApp, Money Gram, PayPal, Western Union and Zelle.

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